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Click here to view a photo book from the November 2015 Stonehaven Wellness Retreat

“The Stonehaven Wellness retreat was the most thoughtfully crafted weekend I have ever had the opportunity to experience. Everything from the amazing resort to the food and yoga instructor to the activity options and essential oils – all of it couldn’t have been thought up better. The founder and director, Amy, is such an amazing person. She put her entire heart and soul into creating this retreat. The women were all so genuine and unique and amazing. Connecting with all of them has been a beautiful, inspiring and grounding experience. I am so thankful for the entire weekend – what an incredible thing to have been a part of. Thank you for everything, Amy.”Ali S. (Nov 2015 Pixie)

“Stonehaven Women’s Wellness Retreat created by Amy Gutierrez was an amazing healing experience. From the diffuser in our rooms with essential oils, to the most incredible yoga, labyrinth, and creative experiences, nothing was overlooked. She was so in tuned to everyone’s needs. What a treat. I feel so blessed. Thank you so much!”
– Briana W. (Nov 2015 Pixie)

“Stonehaven is a sacred and safe space for women to come together, learn from one another and grow both spiritually and mentally. I have learned to listen to and honor my inner pixie and will take something away from each of the beautiful women I met during this journey.” - Sharon S. (Nov 2015 Pixie)

“A tremendous amount of both power and release were held in this thoughtfully and lovingly designed retreat. Amy has a true gift for anticipating other’s needs and quietly providing a wide array of delicious and enticing options. I am heading home energized and inspired, but also serene and calm. Thank you!” – Susan E. (Nov 2015 Pixie)

“This retreat was truly a gift. Tsasdi Resort is beautiful, the women who participated are kind and open-minded, and Amy does an incredible job of creating a sense of community. I strongly encourage any women ages 25-105 to come and enjoy a marvelous weekend of organic food, yoga, and most importantly, peace of mind.”- Mira A. (Nov 2015 Pixie)

“I didn’t know what to expect. The retreat was inspirational, body and mind focused, and above all, fun! I learned new things about myself and I met some great women. There was structure but also the freedom to participate or not. No pressure! We got to pick from a great menu of activities.” – Desiree A. (Nov 2015 Pixie)

“A simple internet search and phone call to Amy set a glorious weekend in motion. I packed my car and headed north to Redding with special stops, meeting up with part of the group along the way. What followed next at the resort can only be described as a plethora of visual, emotional, sensual and delicious events and surprises that grounded me and brought me back to the person inside, the person that I look forward to getting to know better as I implement the tools I gained on this weekend journey.”
– Cathi S. (Nov 2015 Pixie)

“Thank you, Amy, for providing a weekend retreat that allowed for positive reflections while connecting with an amazing group of women with such unique backgrounds. I look forward to the next retreat adventure.” – Marie R. (Nov 2015 Pixie)

“I couldn’t possibly get away for that long! Mt. Shasta? It’s so far away! Take a few days for my own health and well being? But what about… So many excuses when all you need to say is ‘I need this and I will find a way to make it happen!’ I did, and I am so glad! The gifts that this retreat gave me are wonderful and will keep on giving for months and years to come. Having time to think, yoga to get my body in tune, great food to nourish me, community to share and learn from others, and art and meditation to take a break from life’s chaos.” - Isa M. (Nov 2015 Pixie)

“This weekend was the ‘breath of fresh air’ that was so renewing and enriching. There were wonderful activities to engage in and the setting filled my soul with joy and peace. It is the antidote for too much business (busyness) and stress. Peace is everywhere!”
– Rachel S. (Nov 2015 Pixie)