“Knowledge is having the right answer.  Intelligence is asking the right question.”  - (author unknown)

What should I pack/bring?

Assuming you plan to participate in yoga, you should bring:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Warm clothes (weather permitting, we will practice yoga outside)
  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga support items you may own (bolster, blocks, straps, tune up balls)
  • Blankets for restorative yoga support

Additional items for the retreat:

  • A sense of humor
  • A sense of adventure
  • A good book/magazine for your reading pleasure
  • Hiking boots (if you plan to be outside)
  • Weather appropriate items (i.e. rain gear if needed)
  • A bird book and binoculars (if interested)
  • A star gazing guide or app (if interested)
  • A camera
  • A journal
  • A flashlight
  • Books to pass on or share if you are interested in participating in a book exchange
  • A bottle of wine if you plan to participate in the wine sharing evening

I am new to yoga.  Is this retreat for me?
All are welcome to attend, regardless of background with or affinity to yoga.  The yoga instructor is very experienced and works with all levels, helping them feel comfortable yet challenged in an appropriate way.

I am not interested in __________ (yoga, wine tasting or essential oils). Is this a problem?
You are welcome and encouraged to attend any of the sessions you are interested in, but the weekend is yours and you are not obligated to attend any class or session that does not interest you.

I have special dietary needs.
Please let us know.  We are happy to accommodate.

What is the cell service/internet connection like?
Cell phone service is limited.  Internet is available in certain portions of the campus, but is not very fast.  Hopefully you’ll be busy with other activities and will enjoy being unplugged.

What are the accommodations like?
We will be staying in cabins at Tsasdi Resort at Lake Shasta.  You’ll have the option of a shared room, private room or private cabin.

How many participants will attend?
Since the goal is to build community and develop strong connections (and that becomes more difficult with larger numbers), the number is capped at 18 attendees.

I am still unclear or uncertain about _____________.

Please call Amy at 408-655-3441 or send an email to stonehavenwellness@gmail.com.  We tried to anticipate questions, but know there will be many not addressed here.  Our hope is that you enroll in this adventure with questions answered and trusting that you will have a fabulous weekend!  In addition, please like our Stonehaven Wellness Adventures Facebook page for additional photos and articles pertaining to the retreat.