PIXIE CIRCLE - Qigong and Superfood Chocolate

Seeking a new Mother's Day experience?

On May 11 we have two gifted instructors traveling from San Francisco to share their expertise and knowledge for a special mini-retreat for you!  Gather your friends for a well-deserved day/night out!

Qigong - Perhaps you've observed the small groups of people in the park practicing flowing movements?  Or,  perhaps you recently read the New York Times article touting its benefits?  Or, perhaps you've never heard of it but your up for an adventure to experience this ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years to promote health and is making a resurgence now. 

No matter what your story, you are in for a treat!  Rebecca led the women at my March full weekend retreat and everyone raved about who well they slept that night -- their body free of aches and pains!  Come and experience for yourself!

Meal - We believe that organic, fresh ingredients are best for optimal health and taste.  The delicious catered meal uses high quality, seasonal produce with a delicious variety of flavors.  People don't just eat the foods, they fall in love with it! 

"Delicious, healthy, nourishing, bright, and flavorful. Love the chef's attention to detail and subtlety in her cooking."

Superfood Chocoloate - Curious about the super antioxidant benefits of pure cacao?  Giovanna has been passionate about chocolate for a decade, traveling to South America to train and source quality products.  She combines this passion for chocolate with her bachelor's in food nutrition and her years of experience exploring superfoods to teach you how to create your own superfood chocolate, tailored to your health issues!

Qigong + Superfood Chocolate DAY
May 11
10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
$90/person or
$150 for two (bring a friend) OR
$220 for four (Girls Day Out)

Qigong + Superfood Chocolate NIGHT
May 11
5:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
$100/person or
$160 for two (bring a friend) OR
$260 for four (Girls Night Out)

Location: 6055 Meridian Ave #60, San Jose, CA

CANCELLATION POLICY: Participants can receive a 50% refund if cancellation received within one week of mini-retreat.  No refund is available within six days of the event.

Comments from prior mini-retreat attendees:

"Yoga was great. Food was great. Loved the essential oils and also spending time with all of you wonderful women! My intention to gain creative energy actually materialized and I put together a lovely floral arrangement as soon as I got home....then, slept like a baby." by Judy O. (Pixie Circle attendee Nov 2016)

"The intriguing agenda, a little yoga, a dabble of jewelry making, and a taste of good food sparked my interest. The experience turned out to be much more than the sum of the three components.  Sitting in a circle of participants, the Pixie Circle officially begins and so does the magic." by Rebecca C. (Pixie Circle attendee Feb 2017)